List of cattle breeds:

List of cattle breeds: Taurine cattle (Bos taurus) Abondance (Dairy/beef) Adamawa (Dairy/beef/draught) Ala Tau (Dairy/beef) Albanian (Dairy/draught) Alentejana Cattle (Beef/draught) Allmogekor (Beef/draught) American White Park (Dairy/beef) Amerifax: (Dairy/beef) Anatolian Black (Dairy/draught) Angeln cattle (Dairy) Angus Cattle (Dairy/beef) Argentine Criollo (Dairy/beef) Armorican {Dairy/beef) Arouquesa Cattle (Beef/draught) Asturian Mountain (Dairy/beef) Asturian Valley (Dairy/beef) Aubrac cattle (Dairy/beef) Aulie-Atta (Dairy/beef) Aure et Saint-Girons (Dairy/beef/draught) Avileña(Beef/draught) Ayrshire(Dairy/beef) Balancer cattle (Dairy/beef) Barrosã Cattle (Beef/draught) Beef Freisan (Dairy/beef) Belgian Blue (Beef/draught) Belgian Red (Beef/draught) Berrenda (Beef/draught/sport) Betizu (Beef/draught) Blonde d'Aquitaine (Beef/draught) Black Angus ("Dairy/Beef") Blanca Cacereña(Beef/draught) Braunvieh (Dairy/beef) British Friesian (Dairy/beef) British White (Dairy/beef) Bue Lingo (Dairy/beef) Buša cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Cachena Cattle("Dairy/beef/draught) Caldelana (Beef/draught) Camargue (Beef/draught/sport) Canadienne (Dairy/beef) Canaria (Beef/draught) Caracu (Dairy/beef/draught) Cárdena andaluza (Beef/draught) Carinthian Blondvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Carora (Beef/dairy/draught) Chianina (Beef/draught) Charolais (Beef/draught) Corriente cattle (Dairy/beef/draught/sport) Danish Red (Dairy/beef) Devon (Dairy/beef) Dexter (Dairy/beef) Dølafe (Dairy/beef) Dulong' (Beef/draught) Dutch Belted (Dairy/beef) Dutch Friesian (Dairy/beef) Eastern Finncattle (Dairy/beef) English Longhorn (Dairy/beef) Ennstal Mountain Pied Cattle (Beef/draught) Estonian Red cattle (Dairy/beef) Finnish cattle (Dairy/beef) Fjäll or Swedish Mountain cattle (Dairy/beef) Fleckvieh (Dairy/draught) French Simmental (Dairy/beef) Galician Blond (Rubia Gallega) (Dairy/beef) Galloway cattle (beef/draught) Garvonesa Cattle (Beef/draught) Gascon cattle (Beef/draught) Gelbvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Georgian mountain cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) German Red Pied (German Rotbunte) (Dairy/beef) Glan cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Gloucester (Dairy/beef/draught) Greek Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Groningen: (Dairy/beef) Hartón del Valle (Dairy/beef/draught) Harz Red mountain cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Hinterwald Cattle (Dairy/beef) Holando-Argentino (Dairy/beef) Hungarian Grey (Beef/draught) Illawara: (Dairy/beef) Irish Moiled (Dairy/beef) Istoben cattle (Dairy/beef) Jarmelista Cattle (Beef/draught) Jutland cattle (Dairy/beef) Kalmyk (cattle) (Dairy/beef) Kazakh Whiteheaded (cattle) (Dairy/beef) Kerry cattle (Dairy/beef) Kholmogory (Dairy/beef) Kostroma Cattle (Dairy/beef) Kurgan (Dairy/beef) Latvian Brown (Dairy/beef) Levantina (Beef/draught) Limiana (Beef/draught) Limousin (Beef/draught) Limpurger: (Dairy/beef) Lithunian Red (Dairy/beef) Lourdais (Dairy/beef/draught) Maine Anjou (Dairy/beef/draught) Mantequera Leonesa (Dairy/beef/draught) Maremmana (Dairy/beef/draught) Marinhoa Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Maronesa (Dairy/beef/draught) Mashona (Beef/draught) Marchigiana (Beef/draught) Menorquina (Beef/draught) Mertolenga Cattle (Beef/draught) Meuse-Rhine-Issel (Dairy/beef) Milking Devon (Dairy/beef/draught) Milking Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Minhota Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Mirandesa cattle (Beef/draught) Monchina (Beef/draught) Mongolian cattle (Beef/draught) Montbeliard Cattle (Dairy/beef) Morucha (Beef/draught/fighting) Murboden Cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) N'Dama (Dairy/beef) Negra Andaluza (Beef/draught) Normande Cattle (Dairy/beef) Northern Finncattle (Dairy/beef) Norwegian Red (Dairy/beef) Pajuna (Beef/draught) Palmera (Beef/draught/sport) Parda Alpina (Dairy/Beef) Parthenais (Beef/draught) Pasiega (Dairy/draught) Pembroke cattle (Dairy/beef) Philippine Native cattle (Dairy/draught) Pie Rouge des Plaines or French Lowland Red Pied (Dairy/beef) Piedmontese (Dairy/beef) Pineywoods/Florida Cracker (Dairy/beef/draught) Pinzgauer (Dairy/beef) Pirenaica (Beef/draught) Polish Red cattle (Dairy/beef/draught) Preta Cattle (Beef/draught) Qinchaun (Beef/draught) Ramo Grande (Beef/dairy/draught) Randall (Dairy/beef/draught) Rätische Grauvieh (Dairy/beef/draught) Red Poll (Dairy/beef) Red Polled Østland (Dairy/beef) Red Angus (Dairy/beef) Reina (Dairy/beef) Retinta (Beef/draught) Romagnola cattle (Beef/draught) Russian Black Pied (Dairy/beef/draught) Sahiwal (Dairy/beef) Salers (Beef/draught) Shetland cattle (Beef/draught) Shorthorn (Dairy/beef) Simmental (Dairy/beef/draught) South Devon (Dairy/beef) Swedish Red-and-White (Dairy/beef) Swedish Red Poll (Dairy/beef) Tarentaise (Dairy/beef) Telemark cattle (Dairy/beef) Toro de Lidia / Touro de Lide / Brava Cattle (Beef/sport) Tswana cattle (Dairy/beef) Tudanca (Dairy/draught) Tuli (Dairy/beef) Turkish Grey Steppe cattle (Beef/draught) Tyrolese Grey Cattle (Dairy/beef) Vaca Toposa or Vaquilla (sport) Vestland Fjord (Dairy/beef) Vorderwald Cattle (Dairy/beef) Vosges (Dairy/beef) Wagyu (Beef/draught) Western Finncattle (Dairy/beef) Western Red Polled (Dairy/beef) White Cáceres (Beef/draught) White Park (Dairy/beef) Yanbian cattle (Beef/draught) Zebu (Bos indicus) Ankole-Watusi (Dairy/beef/draught/show) African Boran(Beef/pets) Brahman (cattle) (Dairy/beef/draught) Dajal (Dairy/beef/draught) Dhanni (Dairy/beef/draught) Fulani Sudanese (Dairy/beef/draught) Gir (Dairy/beef) Gobra (Beef/draught) Gudali (Dairy/draught) Guzerat(Beef/draught) Halikar (Dairy/beef/draught) Hariana (Dairy/beef/draught) Horro (Beef/draught) Kangayam (Beef/draught) Kankrej (Beef/draught) Krishna Valley cattle (Dairy/beef;/draught) Lohani cattle (Beef/draught) Madagascar Zebu (Dairy/beef/draught) Masai cattle (Beef/draught) Nelore cattle (Beef/draught) Ongole cattle (Beef/draught) Rath (Dairy/draught/beef) Rathi (Dairy/draught/beef) Red Sindhi (Dairy/beef) Rohjan (Beef/draught) Tharparkar (Dairy/draught) Vianesa (Dairy/beef) Hybrids Afrikaner (Dairy/beef) Brahmousin: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Beef/Draft) Hybridmaster: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Israeli Red: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Jamaica Black: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Karan Swiss: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Madura cattle: Banteng/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught/racing) Nguni: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Dairy/beef) Sanhe: Taurine/"Mongolian-type" hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught) Selembu: Cattle/gayal hybrid (Dairy/beef) Siboney: Taurine/Zebu hybrid (Beef/draught) Xingjiang Brown: Taurine/"Mongolian-type" hybrid (Dairy/beef/draught


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