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Association & Autonomous Bodies
Books & Periodicals
Breeding Farms
Chemical Manufacturers & Suppliers
Dairy Consultants
Dairy Consumables
Dairy Cooperatives
Dairy Product Manufactures & Suppliers
Dairy Plants
Dairy Equipment Manufacturers & Suppliers
Dairy Product Exporters
Feed Ingredients
Feed Manufacturers & Dealers
Fodder Seed Farms & Agriculture Industries
Govt of India (Central)
Govt of India (State)
Ice Cream Manufaturers
Packaging Machinery & Material
Pharma Manufacturers
Veterinary Biologicals

What This Directory Contains?

  • Business Lisiting From All Over India with their Full details e.g.
    Company Name, Owner Name, Address, Factory, Product Details, Brand, Phone , Fax, Mobile, Email, Website, etc.
  • Research Article From All Over Indian Vet. University Contributed
    By Doctors & Professors from Various University
  • Statistics & Live Stock
  • Email Directory
  • Mobile Directory
  • Advertiser Business Listing
  • Advertisement From All Over India
  • Directory Buyer will Get Email & Mobile Directory In Soft Copies by mail

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